Virtual Warehouse Tour

Take a look behind the scenes of online fashion retail!

Would you like to get a first impression of our 850,000 square feet premises, and the 5 levels and 7 warehouse chambers they hold?

If so, feel free to click your way through our tour and have a closer look at the work areas of our warehouse experts from Inbound, Outbound and Quality Management.

As you will soon see for yourself, our warehouse is not only big, but also complex.

That is why a lot of additional support is needed from other departments, such as IT or Reporting to supervise and control the multi-layered processes and the system landscape.

The well-established teams make sure that end clients get the articles they ordered in time.

And that is the goal of all our efforts.

Click our site photo and gain some insight into our development

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The secret to our success

Great brands and long-standing partnerships:

  • Asos
  • Wine Wine
  • Nm Nm
  • Just Just
  • Mm Mm
  • Cosnova Cosnova
  • Banana Banana