Recruiting, Personnel Support and Payroll Accounting

We cover all aspects of Human Resources in-house, be it recruiting, personnel support and development or payroll accounting. We are with you every step of the way – from your very first to your last day at our company. This is because we are convinced that employees can only perform well if they are happy, motivated and dedicated.

Human Resources Development

You can tell that we are actually serious about this from the amount of time and energy we invest in our employees' development. We support our employees' progress with targeted personnel development measures (internal and external trainings). This follows our philosophy of fostering people's strengths and developing their potentials.

Employer Branding & Events

Employer Branding & Events is a department that focuses on employee motivation and cross-media communication of our offers as an employer. This is a service we provide in three languages – due to our international mix of employees. Various social events, such as team and sales events, company and family parties or little courtesies for Valentine's Day, International Women's Day, etc. help to create a great work environment. Our employees and future employees can find out more about our diverse activities via external platforms, such as our Facebook or Instagram accounts, radio spots, blogs, company profile or ads. Anybody interested in this field needs creativity, empathy for the target audience, a knack for texts and design, as well as conceptual skills.

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