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Dear blog readers,

In April, I had a peak into the work of our Business Partners for 6 weeks. In this blog post, you can find out everything I enjoyed, the tasks of the HR Business Partners, and everyday work in HR. I also asked our Business Partners what they find interesting about their work.

The HR Business Partners are the intersection between Management and all shop floor and office employees. Tina also confirms this. She says:

  • "Being a Business Partner, I'm the person of contact and advisor for our employees and superiors. I'm also the intersection between staff and Management, so I have a big impact with what I do - on the organisation, as well as on the most important resource for the company: the employees. To me, being actively involved in the company's progress and the synergy between people are very important aspects, as well as the autonomy and variance of the job, because every day is different."

Personnel planning, employee conversations, and coaching for employees are the keywords of a Business Partner's job. That way, the Business Partners can influence the company's economic results with their work. This is also reflected in Ilja Panzner's statement about his work as a Business Partner:

  • "I'm really happy when I get to witness how processes have changed in the past years, and how we set new internal records in shipping packages every year. Of course I'm also happy when I see how employees who I hired three years ago have developed. In general, it's about organising the company's staff in a way that work runs as smoothly as possible across all three shifts, and that we are as productive as possible."

Boring or monotonous work? No way!

There are a lot of different and interesting tasks people taught me in this department. Taking care of employees also includes, among other things, carrying out all types of employee conversations. That's why it's important to adapt to different conversations. Be it about negotiating contracts of employment, organising and facilitating trainings, or unpleasant tasks like termination interviews. Business Partners also have to be able to judge which tool makes the most sense, f. ex. termination of employment, written warning, or admonition. These decisions are then shared with our administrative department, the Shared Service Center which compiles the respective documents for each process. Speaking of which, did you know there's a 4-month notice period if you've been employed at a company for 10 years?!

Being a Business Partner, you are also kind of responsible for the employees' physical and mental health. Employees whose problems are taken seriously and who are encouraged by the company recognise that they are appreciated and treated with respect. This in return leads to a good work environment and creates employee loyalty. This is also an important factor for Heidi in her job as personnel manager. She says:

  • "Because of my job as a Business Partner, I get the chance to communicate with a lot of different people at the company everyday, and to be the intersection between the individual departments. Promoting and expanding communication at our company to increase everyone's satisfaction and creating a wonderful cooperation at our company are aspects that are very close to my heart."

Ultimately, I can only agree with Tina's statement that every day is different, and Lukasz's statement: "A Business Partner's field of work is that broad and interesting that there may be a lot to do at all times, but I'm enjoying what I do." The fact that every day is different also means you get new input every day, which strengthens your "entrepreneurial thinking", as well as our most important asset: "communication".

Your Office trainee,

Lisa :)

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