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Searching for People to shape our Shop Floor

“Participate and share your Ideas with Us”

For about 10 years, our Operations Manager Mario Schönemann has been working at Ingram Micro – passion and flexibility are part of his daily routine. “There are new challenges every day when working in logistics – and I think that’s exciting,” the trained car mechanic says. The fact that logistics is the area that makes him happy is something that Mario Schönemann already noticed during his vocational training as a mechanic. After his vocational training, he worked in tyre dealing where he saw different areas and departments and ultimately was promoted to be the branch manager. At some point, he wanted to change careers. Mario Schönemann was aware that he had a knack for logistics and leadership tasks in particular, so he started at Ingram Micro as a Shift Lead. “I got a warm welcome and felt right at home from the very beginning,” the logistics expert says. Now, Mario is responsible for about 1,200 employees.

The past years were accompanied by growth, but one thing has not changed in his opinion: “It is still important to promote good employees that already work at the company and to show them career opportunities.” It is important to Mario Schönemann to emphasise that superiors working at Ingram Micro are actively encouraged and accompanied: “For my progress to become Senior Manager, the training for superiors was a big help in growing into my new role.” He also appreciates the open atmosphere at work: “Of course, the people on the shop floor sometimes have a harsh tone, but ultimately, everyone knows the other person’s intention,” according to the current Operations Manager. “We’re very interested in continuously optimising our processes. And we are thankful for every employee who contributes and tells us how we could do things differently and better. Everyone who participates and develops their own ideas gets the chance to shape this company.”

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