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Redesigning Warehouse Processes: we want you to get involved

Black Friday, Christmas, and Easter sales – things can get busy at our logistics centre in Großbeeren. People expect their shoes, clothes, and accessories to immediately arrive after they ordered them after all. To make sure orders arrive promptly, we have up to 2,300 employees handling these orders depending on the time of year.

If you are a new member of our Team, it will naturally take some time for you to learn all the new processes and understand our warehouse. We like giving you that time. And we also appreciate your fresh pair of eyes. Why did we choose this pathway through the warehouse and not another route? Why do we use this packaging material? We’re curious about every question. We are not perfect and sometimes we can suffer from tunnel vision. We see your remark as a suggestion to reflect our processes.

Sometimes there can be communication problems because we have employees from 60 different countries. We try to solve these problems with our flat hierarchies and by communicating in English, German and Polish. Your own buddy or trainer is always there to give you a hand. We recently established our Listening Sessions. During these small-group 30-minute conversations, every participant can say what’s on their mind and directly address problems. These meetings take place regularly. You can also contact our Employee Advisory Board or the Trusted Persons at any time.

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