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Kaizen Week – Optimising the Pack Stations

This week, we held kaizen week in Outbound Pack. Kaizen means continuous improvement directly through the employee without big investments.

The kaizen team identified over 50 potential improvements and already compiled suggestions for every single one of them. The team implemented 16 of these potentials right away at the Pack stations using simple tools, and employees can try them now. They mostly focused on minimising all material stock and putting the materials in order according to arm’s reach, ergonomics, and frequency of use. Thanks to Facility, they even disassembled the material trolley and upended it to enable better access to big cardboard boxes. The redesigned Pack stations will be thoroughly tested, so we can transfer the new workstation system to the other stations. The other improvement suggestions will not collect dust, however, as they will still be discussed and surely make their way from our experts’ paper lists to being implemented at the workstations.

X21de Ingram Micro 6468

Photo: X21- Reiner Freese

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