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Jean-Baptiste: the self-made vocational Trainee

Everything but ordinary is something that applies to many careers at our site. This also goes for the path that Jean-Baptiste Egoue Tiako took. In 2015, our colleague came from Cameroon to Germany. In the beginning, he worked at the federal volunteer service of the German Red Cross in Potsdam. Two years later he heard about our company and started working as a warehouseman in Großbeeren. "Back then, I was one of the first employees at the new site," Jean-Baptiste says. "I’m curious and I like learning new things. So, I got to know many different areas in a short period of time – commissioning, Outbound, Quality Management..."

With French being his mother tongue, the first thing he wanted to learn was German. "I wanted to become really good at German and pass my B1 certificate," our confident colleague says. "The Recruiting team supported me, and also understood that I wanted to start a vocational training. Because I want to be as good as possible at what I do – and I need solid skills for that." Jean-Baptiste managed to implement his plans and is now a Warehouse Logistics Specialist trainee. And he is visibly comfortable now. "In the beginning, things were a little tough, especially because of the language barrier. But now I'm right on track. As a vocational trainee, I have a mentor in every department that is responsible for me, and I feel very appreciated."

Jean-Baptiste likes the open and direct communication: "When I ask colleagues a question, I always get an answer." And our colleague had quite a few questions: "In the beginning, I wanted to understand all the processes – from the customer's order all the way to shipping. That's why in some parts, I design the contents of my vocational training myself," Jean-Baptiste explains. He appreciates the freedom we're happy to offer to our "self-made" vocational trainee. Because we are always looking for new curious and motivated people that help us to progress Ingram Micro.

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