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It’s Time for Lean

Dear blog readers,

My name is Manuel. I'm currently in my 2nd year of my vocational training to become a Warehouse Logistics Specialist.

In August, I spent 2 weeks with the Lean department. Before we get into it, let me explain what "lean" means. Lean is an approach to efficiently designing the entire value added of industrial goods.

Every morning, there was a team meeting. That way, every team member knew what tasks lay ahead and how the day would be structured. As a member of the team, you have a lot of different and interesting tasks.

One task is carrying out Kaizen workshops. The goal of Kaizen is for the Team Leads, Shift Leads, Area Leads, and the Lean Team to work together to seperate the process into individual steps. That way, you can see which processes you can leave out in the future, which ones are important, and how to improve them.

Another exciting task for the Lean Team is the so-called Gemba meeting. That process also involves the Team, Shift, and Area Leads. During the daily Gemba meetings, the team discusses problems with work processes that take up too much time, and comes up with solutions for them.

For this area, it's important to know how to work as a team. You should also be communicative and open-minded. You're always faced with new challenges. That's what makes work really exciting and interesting.

Your warehouse trainee

Manuel 😊

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