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Interview mit Matthias

How did you hear about Ingram Micro? How did you find the vocational training?

I looked for vocational training openings on Indeed after things didn't work out after my previous job. And then I sent out quite a lot of applications in the Berlin/Brandenburg area. My chances were quite bad and so I was even more excited when I got a chance from Ingram Micro.

Why did you think your chances were that bad?

It's quite difficult being 30 and not having graduated school. It's definitely an investment for a company to take a 30-year-old instead of a 16-year-old.

So, you're happy that Ingram Micro is such a diverse company that gives everyone a chance?

Yes, for sure. I actually didn't even think I would get the chance to start a vocational training. I was really excited that I got this chance, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. That way, I can work towards a better future. This is definitely better than jumping from one job to the next.

What are you looking forward to the most when you go to work? What motivates you?

Definitely my colleagues. The best thing is break time with colleagues, where you can spend 30 minutes with a colleague. Work – well, it's work. Sometimes you have to do something which is not that fun. But there are also cool tasks and there are some great colleagues.

What is your relationship with your training instructors? Do you learn a lot from them? Are they there for you?

The training instructors I have met so far have been great. You can always tell them about your problems.

Have you seen or done something funny or crazy at Ingram Micro which you will always remember?

I'll just tell you how I applied. In my cover letter, I was really open and honest about who I am. And I am quite a crazy guy who will take his scooter and put speakers on it. I wore bright yellow clothes for my job interview and was a little early. Then I parked in front of the premises, turned on my music and the people were here for it. It's definitely great to know that people can also be relaxed.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted your vocational training?

Ingram definitely try to make the best out of this situation. Some measures were installing more terminals, implementing a pathway system and making masks mandatory. Well, it's not always working under these conditions, but it's to protect everyone after all.

What are you most proud of? What's something you couldn't believe you'd be doing a few months ago?

Getting amazing feedback from my Area Lead telling me I'm a great trainee.

What's your plan once you finished your vocational training? Do you already have a career plan in mind?

If everything goes well, I'll finish my vocational training in 3 years. Then I want to get into more training, maybe even with Janni, our training coordinator. After all, she went through all the steps to become a Senior Area Lead herself and worked her way to the top. Or maybe I could be a training coordinator myself.

Who would not be suitable for the warehouse logistics specialist vocational training? What's something pupils should bring to the table to successfully master the vocational training?

This is an international corporation with employees from all over the world. So, racism is not tolerated! It's better to have a coffee together and talk it out. Maybe that way, you'll even find some common ground and shared hobbies. People who can't let go of prejudice do not fit in here. It's better to see it for yourself. It's easy to get rid of your prejudice once you get to know people. Stereotypes and jokes are often not true.

Apart from that, you should be willing to learn for mastering this vocational training. You don't have to be very skilled, but you have to be willing to learn and show dedication.

You should also be interested in the job. It's no good if you just do the vocational training to please your parents, but you're not interested yourself. If you want to become a graphics designer or mechatronics engineer, you should go ahead and do that. If you start something different for your parents and then stop because you don't like it, you didn't really achieve anything. It's definitely better to follow your heart.

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