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Ingram Micro's very own Boutique – the Clothing Hand-Out

Pawel has been working at Ingram Micro since 2017 and he is the Onboarding and Workwear Team Lead. In this interview, he tells us about working at the clothing hand-out and their daily tasks.

Hi Pawel, can you please explain why Ingram Micro need a clothing hand-out and what you and your team do?

We take care of the work clothes inventory and equip our employees with free work clothes. We also take care of employees who forgot their work shoes, trousers, or T-shirt. These employees can always get in touch with us and we will give them the work clothes they need.

Another task is working together with our Workforce department. We lead trainings and workshops, work closely with the trainers, and take care of all the documentation. So, we have a lot to do.

What clothes do the employees get?

New Ingram Micro employees are very warmly welcomed on their first day at work. They get new work clothes and a welcome set with a bag, lunch box, water bottle, a notepad, lanyard for their company ID and a biro.

Departments like Loading, Cleaning or Facility also get special clothes like coats and hats.

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What is your favourite task?

I really don't have a favourite task, they're all equally important.

Our task and joy is meeting the other employees. It's important to us to understand that every person is different and deserves respect.

Have you seen or done something funny or crazy at Ingram Micro which you will always remember?

I think working in a culturally diverse environment is a great experience. We constantly learn something new.

Sometimes I feel like we are "minute psychologists" for our employees. ;) We help our colleagues to calm down when they come to us upset, for example because they forgot something.

But with each experience like that, we learn something new. Only the next time, we can react better to it and solve our employees’ different problems better.

Why do you like working at Ingram Micro?

This company is constantly evolving, there are always changes, improvements, trainings, and innovations. That's what motivates me about work.

This company reacts to the customer's and employee's needs. I think that's the main reason why I work here, in addition to my wonderful team.

The great team starts with our great boss who I can always count on and who appreciates our input. The team members are also great and have many years of professional experience which our work is based on. And then I also really like my colleagues from Recruiting and Workforce because we simply work perfectly together.

Can you tell us something about your team and how you work together?

What can I say...we don't have enough time for this interview, so I can't tell you all the great things about my team...I think after all the hours, days, months, and in some cases even years that we have worked together, after all the trainings we have done, the tasks, the time pressure, and the stress we sometimes had to face together...

There's one sentence that's very fitting and that I would like to tell my team: I would like to thank each and every one of you for your contribution to making this team even better every day.

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