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Creativity instead of Administration – Working at our Office, there are no Limits

Strict working times and even stricter business orders? Nope, you won't find these at our Office. If you're looking for ways to shape work processes yourself, you have come to the right place - whether it's in Human Resources, Project Management, IT or Controlling. As different as these areas may seem, they have one thing in common: we put a great emphasis on independence and commitment.

Once we welcome you to our team, you have a great amount of freedom in our Office to actively shape your topics and projects. We do not want to suffocate you. We only give you a framework in which you can create things your own way.

Our Workday Learning platform and LinkedIn Learning offer valuable support, as you can use them at any time for your personal development. You can also take language, professional and IT classes. If you want to reach for the stars, you can use our workshops to enhance your leadership skills. Or you can "create" your own trainee programme that you can shape in a way that's important for your own career. We grow alongside your ideas. We're not nearly done yet, and we create new opportunities all the time.

Finally, we also offer trainings on work safety, various workshops and presentations and health management consultations.

The fact that you get the chance to progress and can switch jobs and areas if you show dedication and talent is something you can also see in Angelika Graczyk or other colleagues who told us about their careers for our blog.

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