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Personnel development? Do we really need this?

Timo Kronfeld is our HR Development Team Lead and is responsible for personnel development, employee trainings and workshops. We sat down with him and asked him about his job at Ingram Micro and which tasks his team tackles every day.

Hi Timo, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Let's get right into it! Why is personnel development important?

I care about this topic because personnel development has a unique impact on the relationship between employees and company.

The way I see it, this is an essential aspect to a company's success. You can only retain good employees and increase performance when you manage to progress the precious resource that is your staff in line with the company's requirements AND in line with the employees' interest.

I'm also convinced that quality leadership is a decisive factor. As a consequence, training for superiors is an important part of personnel development. Since I enjoy being a superior myself, I put great emphasis on the exchange with other superiors during trainings and coaching.

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Which measures do you offer at Ingram Micro?

We try to cover our employees' current needs in a targeted way with our measures.

That's why we currently push for introducing development meetings between superiors and their employees.

We're convinced that the individual employee's needs can be best recognised during these meetings.

You also offer our employees trainings and workshops. Which topics do these primarily cover?

Our training focus is on language classes, management development and targeted specialised trainings on MS Office 365.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

Every day is different. We are warriors of personnel development, you could say.

I enjoy the holistic approach in this field...From assignments to conception all the way to implementing the measures...every step is exciting and challenging.

It is definitely rewarding when you notice a change within the company, as well as in the individual employees.

Thank you for your insightful answers. We're looking forward to seeing more projects from the HR Development Team!

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