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Angelika - started in the Warehouse, learnt German, made an Office Career

If you're looking for an opportunity to develop your career, you can find them here - that's a guarantee! One excellent example is our colleague Angelika Graczyk from Poland. She only came to Germany 7 ½ years ago, having just finished her bachelor's degree in Human Resources. Since she could not find an open-ended job at first, Angelika started working for a temporary employment agency. That's where she heard about our company and two years later, she started working for us. "Since my German wasn't good enough for working at the office then, I was offered a job at the warehouse," Angelika says. "That way, I could already get to know the company and learn German at my own pace." One year later, she applied within the company again and she moved to our HR department.

During this time, our busy colleague learnt excellent German in a short period of time, while also finishing her Master's in Logistics. "Today, I work at the Ingram Micro Recruiting Team as an office clerk, I manage personal data, and prepare documents for our employees. I mostly take care of Polish applicants, but also applicants from other countries." It's an advantage that Angelika has worked on the shop floor herself, so she knows exactly what the applicants should expect. That's why she's great at estimating who's a good fit for the open positions. Angelika also knows how important it is to work together as a team and appreciates the solidarity among the staff. "I've experienced how helpful the colleagues here are, especially when you've just joined. We have a great team atmosphere. And anyone who is motivated has a good chance of progressing, just like me. We hire anyone who wants to progress, is open and helpful!"

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